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Why Should You Print Your Photograph's ?

One of my family in France WW1

Why should we print our photos you may ask yourself , I have them on my phone, my computer on the cloud or external hard drive but are they safe are they easy to find.

How many people have lost their phones losing precious photos of family, a holiday or a special event? Your computer breaks down and your hard drive or you have a problem with the cloud and then you need to go through a hassle trying to get your photos back.

Then if you want to find a photo you need to flick through loads of photo's to find the one you’re looking for, I have done this on my phone got hundreds of photos of and you end up giving up flicking through them.

Here is an example We had a lovely bride and groom who went for our digital package with the personalized USB and box, As always we tell our clients make backups of your photos and get them printed because USB's can corrupt. About 2 years later the groom contacted us and asked if we still had their photos and we did, So we asked did you not back them up? And he remembered he had he had them on his computer, It was lucky we had them and he had back them up to.

This is why we believe it is important to print your photo's our bride and groom could have lost their photos but thankfully they didn't but if you have them printed you have a physical copy something you can hold and when you pick up old photos or see them in album it can be hard to put them down. I have done this at my mum and dads the box of photo's come out and your sitting for hours looking through them like the one at the top of page from the First World War that photo is over 100 years old and I can still hold it.

The old photo's we see of our home city Glasgow online are all taken from physical photos and have lasted years for future generations to see. People in the future aren't going to flick through your computer, cloud, phone or your social media to see photo's they will be lost forever, but if you find a box of photo's in a family members loft you will look through them and the memories are still t.

You can get prints done all different sizes small to poster size, all kinds of paper types lower to high quality printing, canvases, metal prints framed prints and loads more options.

Last thing we want to say is print your photos for your own memories and future generations don't let them get lost.

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