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Seagull's don't exists!

Our project taking photographs at Northern Soul and Soul nights has taken us to many lovely places up and down the country. From Aberdeen to Blackpool to name just a few. If we get a chance we enjoy exploring our beautiful beaches, especially on sunny days, you can spend hours just walking along the water’s edge, without a care in the world.

I’ve been drawn to taking pictures of gull’s and really appreciate how beautiful they are. I must admit I always thought you just got seagulls but turns out there are 50 different species of gulls around the world that have become known as sea gulls because they're seabirds. They're actually gull's belonging to the bird family Laridae. In the UK we have herring gulls, lesser black-backed gulls, great black-backed gulls, black-headed gulls, common gulls and kittiwakes.

On a windy day at Blackpool beach you'd be surprised at the things you come across. As I took a photo of this shuttlecock, a juvenile gull flew down behind me. As you can see, the parent wasn't happy in the slightest, and tried to ward it away as I walked towards it on a mission to get the ultimate gull photo.

Gulls get a lot of bad press but when you see them at the sea side they look stunning. I don't think a visit to a British beach would feel the same if they weren't there trying to steel your chips, as you walk along the promenade.

Next time your at the beach, why not try to see if you can spot some of the different types of gulls. If you would like to find out more about gulls or birds in general, visit RSPB for more information. Our prints can also be purchased, just send us a message on our contacts page or PM us on facebook.

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