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Barraloadasoul is an annual event held at the Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow. It kicks off with a scooter ride out, with the next one being held on Friday 2nd June 2017.

Barraloadasoul ride out 2016 photo credit - Kenichi Images

Barraloadasoul DJ clapping hands to music

Just before it begins @Barraloadasoul-Photo credit Kenichi Images

Tradition has it Maggie McIver, "Queen of the Barras", held a Christmas dance for all her stallholders, so she decided to build the legendary Barrowland Ballroom after finding the local St

Mungo's Halls already booked one year.

The original Barrowland Ballroom 1935 Photo credit - Glasgow City Archives, City Assessor's Department

The original Barrowland Ballroom pictured above, opened on Christmas Eve 1934, as a legendary dancing hall until 1958, when the original building was destroyed by fire on 19th August (just a couple of months after Maggie McIver died). The McIver family rebuilt it in her memory, and it was reopened on Christmas Eve 1960.

Over the stairs as you enter the present building, there's a cartwheel – from the original neon sign and is the only remaining fixture rescued from the fire.


The Ballroom was rediscovered as a rock venue in the early 1980s, after a stint as a roller disco – when Simple Minds choose it as the location for the video for their song ‘Waterfront‘, filmed there in 1983. Many bands such as the Beastie Boys have played there. Today it is mainly used as a concert venue, so it's great to see Barraloadasoul, an all day event, bringing dancing and rare music to the Barras. You can listen and dance to vinyl ranging from Northern Soul to R&B, with some Jazz, Modern Soul and Boogaloo in the mix too.


Dj Jim Wilson- somethins kookin - @Barraloadasoul 2016 Photo credit - Kenichi Images


Northern Soul World Champion Dancers -Photo credit Kenichi Images


Dance floor @Barrsloadasoul Photo credit Kenichi Images

Dancing the night away @ Barraloadasoul -Photo credit Kenichi Images

There have been three events with the fourth event taking place on Saturday, 3rd June 2017. It brings together over a thousand people of all ages, all because of their love of music and dancing.


Dancing the night away @Barrsloadasoul - Photo credit Kenichi Images


First on the floor - The lone dancer @Barrsloadasoul- Photo credit Kenichi Images

In the zone @Barrsloadasoul -Photo credit Kenichi Images

Barraloadasoul has brought some of the best Dj's of old and new from all over the UK, Russ Winstanely (Wigan Casino) John Poole (Prestatyn Weekenders), Dean Rudland & Eddie Piller (Acid jazz records), Keb Darge (Madame JoJo's), Dave Evison (Wigan Casino) Yogi Haughton (MFSB /SSW) Acky Buchan (Aberdeen) just to name but a few.


Keb Darge @Barrsloadasoul -Photo credit Kenichi Images


Mark Linton @Barraloadasoul -Photo credit Kenichi Images

Acky Buchan @Barraloadasoul -Photo credit Kenichi Images

This year we'll see the return to two rooms of music and there will be a few stalls selling clothing etc. Kenichi Images will also be displaying an exhibition of our photography, taken at Barraloadasoul, since 2014 to 2016.

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Photo credit Kenichi Images

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