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Resurgence 2 Breakdance 1v1 Battle

Resurgence breakdance comp

Break dancing was a scene that appeared in the early 1970's, that originated among African American and Latin American youths in South Bronx NY. In 1969 James Brown recorded "Get on the Good Foot," a song that started an acrobatic dance based on James Brown's own moves that he performed on stage. Soon, kids in New York were doing the Good Foot on the streets and that formed break dancing as we know today.

I remember walking up Buchanan street in Glasgow, in the 80's and seeing break dancers out with there lino, doing windmills with there Ghetto Blaster pumping out tune's like Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five - Beat Street and Newcleus - Jam On It.

break dance

So it was amazing when we went to Resurgence 2 1v1 Breaking Battle and seen how the scene is still alive and strong after 46 years. We arrived at Jimmy's Bar in The QM to hear the DJ's playing some old school Hip-Hop and people were dancing even before the competition had started.

Once the three Judges took there seats, the battles began. There were B-Boy's and B-Girl's of all ages dancing hard to get to the finals.



While the judges where scoring The Dimestop Poppers came on and perfored some amazing Body Popping.

Dimestop Poppers

Dimestop Poppers

The 3 Judges made their decision and in the final was Snackz and Gribz. The final was over 3 rounds and it was a close, tough battle with Snackz winning it.



It was our first time at Resurgence and we have to say it was a great day with amazing dancers and really worth going to see, so keep your eye out for Resurgence 3, I know we will be.

Video by Chaz Bonnar

Photos by Kenichi Images

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